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in. this afternoon, the temperatures will be nice and mild and cool back down. kim brown, tell us about the traffic this morning. >> reporter: you will see a crash blocking one of the center are lanes. police are on the scene now. traffic will start to slow at providence road. you can see drivers have to get on the right shoulder to get around this. until you get a tow truck, that vehicle is facing almost the wrong direction or the opposite direction on the beltway. expect delays as you try to make your way towards 95. as we look at our drive times, minor delays from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. no problems southbound from shawon. it's starting to build just a bit from owings mills boulevard. jamie, back to you. san bruno is a town that lives next door to the san
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francisco airport so it would be like glen burnie. >> you have been watching the incredible fire footage after a gas explosion last night. want to go to done guevara who is -- don guevara who is with us. the footage is incrediblep. >> jamie it is. we're near the epicenter of the massive explosion. at that site, there is a crater 15 feet wide. the explosion was so matscher that it melted the asphalt and the pipe believed to be song for this split in two. there are more than 50 homes damaged and at least one person has died. a massive fire roared through this residential neighborhood of san bruno, california throughout the night. fire officials confirmed a 24- inch gas main explosion he was responsible for the blaze that reduced dozens of homes to ash within hours. >> the fireball was 100 feet or more in the air. i'm a firefighter so right away
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i knew it was a major, major thing. it would not stop so we knew it was a gas main. >> reporter: shocked residents didn't know what was happening. >> the area had become white. >> i heard the noise. i think it's an earthquake. >> reporter: are witnesses saided blaze was proceeded by a loud explosion and a huge fireball and people began rushing to get belongings out of their burning home. >> the fire was so close to other houses and other neighbors. i can't imagine what would happen. >> reporter: crews battled the fire on the ground while planes and had elie copters troped the fire retard and. >> i would ask anyone who sees this broadcast to say a special prayer for the people. this will be a long haul for the city and all of our residents for a number of weeks to come. >> reporter: at least two dozen people were injured by the
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blast. they have been taken to local bush centers and hospitals for feetment. this fire is pretty much under control and the investigation is under way as to how all of this happened. don guevara, abc 2 news. back to you. >> don, since it's so close to san francisco international, if you fly into the airport, would it affect air travel out there? >> it did not affect air travel and i did not see the flames when i flew in. you heard that man in the piece say some of the flames shot up as high as 100 feet. the initial explosion some said that blast went up 1,000 feet and could be seen high up in the air. there was not any kind of delays to the airport in this area. >> "good morning america" will have much more coming up at 7:00. megan? 6:33 right now and 56
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degrees. we cannot wait for monday night. all of you who are feeling the ribbons have been snubbed by the national media should be happy that we are taking on the team that made it all the way to the super bowl. a lot of trash talking going on. let's go to sherrie johnson live this morning on this purple friday. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. it's that time again, time for purple fridays, and we are here in rowland park in front of miss shirley's where the purple friday caravan kicks off. po is here acting up as you can see. we're in for a good time. tell me about what we have in store with the caravan. >> well, we're going around to a bunch of locations. i believe it's 23 today. we go around baltimore, timonium, glenn bernie and the schedule is on
6:35 am we're giving away raffles and doing a lot of signed jerseyed and everything. >> reporter: why is purple friday so important? >> for us it is a good chance for to us interact with the fans. it's good to get the fans remembered up for monday night. >> reporter: lots of fun going on. soiree have autograph items. 's this year something new. you guys are visiting the something new. >> all right. thank so you much. so po, we're gonna win monday night, aren't we, po? [ laughter ] po says we are gonna win. all right, ladies, end us out with a nice little cheer. >> all right. ♪ here we go, ravens, here we go. here we go, ravens, here we go. here we grow! >> reporter: i love that.
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i never get tired of hearing that. thank so you much for joining us. there you have it. we'll start right here at miss shirley's at 7:30 to 8:30 here on west cold spring lane. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. new york police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch three people and accuse them of violent robberies. this happened in harlem last week. you can see the men walking along with a woman who appear today be care rig a sleeping toddler. they knocked on the door, tied up the family of six. then left in a bmw. wisconsin police say a customer wrestled a man who tried to hold up the bank. the whole thing was caught on tape. police in wisconsin are looking for the mass gunman. the customer tackled the gunman
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who then ran out of the bank. it's a well known fact that pets could be good for your health. they are the most loyal of companions. this little pony is different. his name is samson. he weighs about 300 pounds and gives out the best kisses. >> that's so cute. >> samson makes rounds at nursing homes and very popular with those that are in them. he looks forward to the kisses whether they like it or not. lack at samson. come on, samson. a smooch right over here. >> it seems like everybody likes it. >> kissing a yankee fan. how about that? >> there you go. that lady likes it. >> he's cute. i love that. everyone's smiling. all right. she went hiking. >> then a year later found herself a prisoner of iran. the american woman women be set free and why iranian officials are letting her go. the training is
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specialized. the ship the u.s. marines reclaimed.
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the united nations has confirmed that a female american who has been held for more than a year will finally be released. sarah will be one that's set free tomorrow. she told her mother that she has a serious medical condition, problems and fond a lump in her breast but officials denied her request for treatment. it is traditional in iran to release prisoners to mark the close of the islamic holy month of ramadan, which ends this week. u.s. marines boarded a ship held hostage by pirates off the coast of somalia. officials say the german-owned ship was seized by fights on wednesday. the crew was being held against their will. u.s. navy officials say 24 highly specialized marines
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train to raid boats boarded the ship and within minutes, the pirates gave up. they say no shots with are fired, nobody was hurt and the ship crew members have locked themselves in what's called a safe room. nine pirates were taken into custody. an outbreak of fires in our city. >> and the criticism from the fire union. it's just not as safe as it should be. i'm linda so. why some firefighters say it's time for change. look at this massive deadly gas fire explosion. how firefighters are getting a handle on the fire. also ahead, fighting cyber crime in baltimore city. the city's state's attorney's office has indict a man. it is purple friday. three days and counting before the ravens show the nation what kind of team we really are.
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i'm megan pringle. >> right over our shoulder, this is the story of the day. a gas explosion in california. >> this happened last night near san francisco. we've been following the story all morning long on air and
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online as well. >> first, let's get to meteorologist lynnette charles. good morning, lynnette. >> good morning. we still have the risk of fires in our area as well. let me show what you's going on in terms of the temperatures because we are at 56 degrees right now. we have that pool of cool air in the green all across the new england area across the northeast and even up into the midwest as you head farther to the south, though, they are dealing with the warmer air. here's some of those winds. right now, they are sustained at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. they will be picking up a little more as we go throughout the day. the big story is once again we'll get the gusts up to 20 miles per hour. let's talk about the traffic with kim brown. good morning, kim. >> good morning. that earlier crash on the inner loop of harford road having a negative effect especially on the northeast corner. as we look at the cameras, you will see the tow truck just arriving to the scene as you see police out there as well hoping to get the crash
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cleared. as you see both loops to the beltway jammed past the scene of this accident affecting traffic on 95 as well. also working an accident at southbound 95 on eastern avenue. we'll see how that will affect your travel times in just a few minutes. megan and jamie, back to you. we're following breaking news from the west coast. a massive fire broke out after an explosion sent a fireball 1,000 feet into the air. this happened in san bruno south of san francisco. at least one person died, 53 homes have been destroyed in the fire. incredible video we're getting in here. the fire shooting up to the sky. firefighters say the flames are about 50% contained this morning, and of course, this is san bruno. we'll have much more on the story coming up in a couple of minutes with "good morning america." it's 6:48 right now.
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it takes an emergency, a disaster or desperate call to make us appreciate a firefighter. to often we forget everything they do for us. we were reminded on wednesday when three different neighborhoods were on fire. linda so joins us in the studio. >> reporter: the fires destroyed almost a dozen row homes earlier this week and forced the city to call in crews from as far away as d.c. some firefighters say it proves how budget cuts are endangering the city. the union has been saying for months how it's cutting the fire departments dangerously thin. the fire spread to nearly a dozen row homes. it shows how a decade of budget cuts and fire company closings are compromising public safety. >> the citizens of baltimore should be outraged that the mayor and city council have aloud the deterioration to the standard it's at right now. >> the administration says the
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retating closures are a reality of budget cuts. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. we've known all along that high winds helped that fire spread beyond the unit where it started. right now, the combination of breezy weather and dry conditions means an increased risk of wildfires all across our area. much of the state is under a red flag warning. you are advised to be very careful when you are out there burning along with things like discarded cigarette butts. an attempted murder suspect barricades himself inside a west baltimore neighborhood in the 1600 block of montmare court. michael ellis was eventually taken into custody. no one was hurt during the standoff. the latest now on a controversial florida pastor. there are mixed messages regarding the plan to burn the koran on september 11th. the florida pastor said he will not burn korans saturday as originally planned but then
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later backtracked. >> that he will move the ground zero mosque. i felt that thats with a sign that that is what we should do. now we're a little bit not totally but a little back to square one. >> here's what happened. pastor terry jones held that he first claimed that the imam had agreed to move the location. but he said that's not true. he made it clear that there was never an intention, that no deal had been struck. ten minutes now away from 7:00. the baltimore city states attorneys office indicted a man for a cyber crime. walter powell is charged with computer hacking. powell used to work for the baltimore substance abuse system. after he left, he is accused of using his home computer to hack passwords of bsas employees. >> during the presentation,
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it'saged mr. powell caused the computer to shut down in the middle of the presentation. when it rebooted, the presentation instead of being the regular power point, ended up being pornographic images. >> powell faces up to 48 years in prison. an attorney for former employee has filed a lawsuit against app arundel county's top executive. it's all happening today alleging not only sexual harassment but also gender discrimination. the suit contains accusations that john leopold made unwanted sexual advances towards a woman that was late are dismissed. >> i think he is truly almost addicted look a gambling person might be to women. it's an impulse that you can't do anything about because you would go, this is the guy in power. why would he do it so openly? >> in a written statement,
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leopold called the accusations lies and innuendos. they are seeking $300,000 in daniels. this is one of the hottest local races going into the primaries. baltimore county council members are slugging it out. both joe bartonfelleder and kevin cabinets are accusing one or the other about not telling the truth about their respective records. >> the majority of the dawn ill members who know both of us have endorsed me, and it's not a reflection necessarily on him, but i think it's just who do we think is going to be the best ceo of this $2.5 billion corporation that we have here in baltimore county. >> i don't run against people, i run for an office. i run for the baltimore county executive and the people in this county will be the ones who decide whether they want me working for them. >> he touts his record on public safety and working a modernized county government. martin sees himself as being strong in fiscal responsibility
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and supporting education. primary day is next tuesday. 6:53. you know it's amazing, espn has about eight guys. nfl network has 100 and even madden 11. they are all picking the ravens, but the baltimore sun one. what's one that? >> let's talk about home cooking on this purple friday. live all morning long at miss shirley's. and the giant hunt valley at 10:30 and m & t on harford road in parkville at 11:15. noontime, it's new at downtown at white marsh and parkville, dundalk, kingsville, are you confused yet? >> the giants better stop that
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play. i've seen it for times and they haven't gained a yard yet. the ravens take on the jets on monday in new jersey. game time will be 7:00. >> now, the forecast certified by most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. it's friday. we'll be dealing with conditions like yesterday. let me show you this moisture content right now. these dew points are in the 40s. it's trickling down to the south now. not too bad, starting to feel comfortable there. the winds now still in control and this is what's going to be the big story for the day. we will have gusts up to 20 miles per hour. as we check out the satellite and radar, high pressure will be building across our area. this is the canadian high. around that, we have the northwesterly flow funneling in the dry, cool air.
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the forecast will bring sunshine for today and also the chance for rain as we move into sunday is our best bet. for today, temperature is 76 degrees. mostly sunny, mild and breezy. by tonight, the temperature is 54. there's the forecast for tomorrow right around 78 degrees. partly cloudy. we'll see the clouds on the increase. then the seven-day forecast will bring in some more sunshine as we go into monday and also into tuesday. all right, kim brown. tell us about that traffic. >> lynnette, the friday commute is off to a rough start for some folks. the good news, though, on the inner loop at harford road, the earlier accident has been cleared off on both shoulders. we'll give you activity including the tow truck. the outer loop is on top of volume. on the outer loop, those delays begin before providence road. again, watch a few extra
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minutes. 95 southbound at eastern avenue. that is off to the left shoulder causing rubber necking there. on the outer loop, we're going to expect to see delays as you make your way from bel air to providence. those are running close to 7 minutes at this time. megan and jamie, back to you. it's not a holiday weekend, but i got a sale. you have to get out. deep discounts will be offered. >> between college football and professional football it's tough to get out there. listen, tonight you should sit in front of the tv for a while. stand up to cancer a telethon that raises a ton of money so get involved in that. all of the details ahead are in "good morning america." >> let's keep watching tv here today. have a great, great day and enjoy purple friday. >> i love the purple so much.
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